Iterate, a Stage

October 27 - November 25, 2018

Opening reception: October 27, 6-9 PM

Julius Caesar presents a new series of works by Kelly Kaczynski completed over the last two years. This project began with the invitation of fellow artist Stan Shellabarger to work on a printmaking project of her own design. In approaching the work, Kaczynski decided to continue the use of the stage, a form they have been addressing in sculpture and installation for a decade now.

In recent years, Kaczynski has been concerned with approaching affect and empathy in forming the stage. The prints began as a simple exercise to see how a provisional stage could be built on paper as it would be built in real space—one scaffold at a time. The project quickly became an opportunity to see how the original structure could shift in sequence, placement, and color with each pass through the press to realize a distinct frame of reference, or attitude.

This series of prints, each one of a kind, uses iteration to explore both formal properties and possibilities of expression or states of being. The investigation of spatial optics and color is important in these prints, but so too is the translation of everyday goings on. One day a week for the duration of the process, Kaczynski and Shellabarger met to work on the prints and would talk about the interim days, their families, their bodies, the world, their work and more. The iterations are not only a studied engagement with visual language, they also reveal the layers of a life lived in the time of their making.


An artist talk with Stan Shellabarger will take place on Wednesday, November 7th at 5:30 PM.